Are free crypto websites actually worth it?

free crypto

Well in my experience … actually free crypto… not really. Initially I signed up for Coinbase just to learn more about different cryptocurrencies but I did not expect to actually get paid that much just to watch some videos. I thought there must be a catch, maybe I can’t withdraw anything or convert it to other crypto. Or the Crypto is still worthless, but actually I was able to convert it to Bitcoin, earn 50$ and spend it straight away. I got addicted pretty fast!

Now I’ll make it no secret that by using the following invites you can get around being invited and we will both receive crypto in the forms of: EOS OXT and Stellar Lumens and if you did not know that this is your opportunity to earn a lot in just 20 minutes with no gimmicks. I’m hoping to start you off on the same path that eventually brought me to use the Brave browser and got me here.

free crypto

After that process I went bananas looking for other similar sites and free crypto. Some were scams, some didn’t pay at all, some paid very small amounts for a lot of work. Coinbase seemed to be the only one worth the time that actually delivered on it’s promises.

Now most of my work here will be about bringing out tried and true methods and information and this is no different even though I will get a share of it and I do appreciate using the links above for your startup.

I’m wondering if all this Crypto growth and popularity actually scares banks and disrupts economy. Just feels awesome to receive pay in crypto (free crypto even better). Feels like when I have a wallet on my desktop the money is actually mine and can’t be frozen by a bank or Paypal. If they want to mess with my hard earn cash the banks can join hands and jump off a cliff. Maybe it’s the Anarchist in me talking. Looking forward to that Cyberpunk futuristic world when we can choose what currency we use for everything!

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