Tabby Tote Cat carrier

cat carrier

Now this is a oldie but goldie, cat carrier, an amazing product that can only be sold at the RSPCA charity shop. We’ve tested the product and we can surely say the advertising is not completely accurate. The advertised “Fully adjustable spine will accommodate a pet of any size” (typo rectified) is a bit misleading. Attempting to use the Tabby Tote cat carrier on a Saint Bernard will most likely result in the owners loss of limb. We’ve had our review video of the product taken down for some reason so we’re not able to show it but wearing thick gardening gloves when “applying” the product saved us a lot of claw scratches. Way smaller and more convenient than a cage. The product has been advertised for a while and there are quite a few people who’ve made their own. Some youtube videos can be found on the matter. Whether you’ve never heard of Tabby Tote or it just brings back good memories I hope you enjoyed the short review.

No Dogs were hurt in the making of this review .. I’m pretty sure the cats loved it though.

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