How safe is your data on your smartphone?

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No I’m not referring to your data being stolen or accessed by someone else on your smartphone. I mean how safe is it from being permanently lost forever, the important kind. With the recent hacking scandals and security upgrades in the last few years, smartphones have become more and more difficult to recover data from when worst comes to worst. Most modern smartphones have a default encryption enabled on the chips themselves and the memory can only be accessed by repairing the phone to a good enough condition to be used which is not always possible. Since the Iphone 5C and various other Android smartphones data recovery services have become far more expensive. Sadly all these security features backfire against their own users holding data hostage behind “locked” phones or just refusing to start (bootloop) due to some firmware feature gone wrong.

It seems that smartphone corporations have chosen to sacrifice enough people’s data and funnel everyone towards activating and signing up for cloud services that backup the data from the phone. A lot of people are not comfortable with having the internet on their phone always on and constantly sending data to the cloud for an annual fee. It seems that the only solution is regular phone backup to a computer using Itunes or another backup software that comes with your phone.

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Smartphones stop working all the time for different reasons be it user fault, water damage, failed updates or just electronically failing. No matter how often we tell people of the risks “backing up” is not something people remember doing on a regular basis. “If my phone turned on this morning, why wouldn’t it turn on tomorrow?”, and even if it doesn’t turn on, I’ll just head over to my local repair shop”. Most times it just doesn’t work that way and the data is most of the times lost forever or can be recovered for ridiculous fees. And yes for most people that can be a important moment in their life like their child’s birthday party, a irreplaceable moment.

For Iphones in particular it is a bit more difficult for repair shop due to the availability of parts as you can see here but some repair shops advertise data recovery by temporarily fixing your phone, extracting the data and then putting it back together as damaged so that you can recycle it yourself.

Some of us have attempted creating automatic solutions, backing up your smartphone while it’s charging for example, but every new Android or Ios updates tends to break that feature most probably due to the “cloud” being a solution, and we all know how much data is being collected through those services not the mention the fees.

I’m sure either yourself or someone you know has lost their data at some point and maybe this information will help you keep two copies of your most important data at all times.

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