Is Australia run like a business?

australia business

Is Australia run like a business? How can a whole country be registered as a corporation on another country’s stock exchange? Well after living in a few countries and learning more about governments I realised that there is not that big of a difference to how they are run. The Australian government in particular does seem to be it’s own independent entity, run like a business, rather than in the service of the people it’s supposed to serve. And don’t get me started on the PMs behaviour during the bush fires, see more here.

I was born in a reasonably poor country in eastern Europe and I still have the “hammer and sickle” on my birth certificate. Everything that I learned about communism and how it controlled it’s people through propaganda does not seem to have changed much in a Capitalist country such as Australia .. just with a different flavour and target.

So one day I decided to do a bit more research into my legal rights when fighting a speeding fine that was captured by a automated speed camera on a popular Australian Highway and I discovered and realised more than I ever thought I would. 80% of all speeding fines issued are below 5km over the speed limit, ie. 65km per hour in a 60km zone, however most speed cameras, depending on conditions, have a margin of error of almost 10% or 66km per hour maximum. So if every Australian that ever got a speeding fine would contest that in the court of law, the whole system would collapse within a month. But why don’t they do it? I’m not a law expert but I do know that the prosecution needs to prove guilt without any reasonable doubt and there would be reasonable doubt when the manufacturer of the device used to capture the “crime” lists such a margin of error.

“An instruction manual for one type of speed device says failing to hold the laser gun steady can exacerbate readings, and that a twitch that moves the laser beam from a car’s grille to the passenger compartment can increase speed readings by more than 10km/h.”

Well this does not happen due to the same “propaganda” displayed by governments in the past. You see, in 2017 alone the revenue from speed cameras in Australia was 1.1 billion dollars so it’s much easier to hide behind a curtain of “safety first” even though the fine is received in the mail two weeks after being “clocked”.

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Even though the speed limits in Australia are the same as they were in the 70’s and are some of the lowest in the western world, Australians are still told to slow down even more under the guise of safety. This keeps the population divided on the importance of these devices and the government keeps raking in money. If you didn’t know, speeding camera revenue get’s “predicted” every year for the future budget. Wait a minute! Why are you predicting a billion $ in revenue for the next year when you should always aim for 0$ if safety is your target?

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I decided to post some of this information on a popular news radio channel’s facebook group. Maybe I don’t get it, maybe I’m an idiot and there is far more involved? I was looking for answers. The post in the comment section was exactly on this topic. After a few hours I noticed that my comprehensive post had fewer likes than more recent posts that just said “awesome” or “terrible”. My comment was still there and in the middle of others. So I logged in from a different facebook account and lo and behold, my post wasn’t there. Why did my post still appear on the posting account? Was it removed? Why was it removed? Is this a government censorship scheme or a facebook one? Was the news radio station involved? But why would they? They had a similar view! My comment contained no bad language or hate, nor did it instil a rebellion. Just my own experience and some questions.

So life in a communist country is defined by propaganda and censorship. In just a short period of living in Australia I discovered on my own skin (Sure at a much smaller scale, I’ll grant you that) that not much changes.

I’ll leave you with a Joke which I adapted to my purposes: Australians are treated like mushrooms, they are kept in the dark and fed bullshit. 

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