Wish.com, does the ad reflect the product?

i wish

Wish.com ad. If you have enough capital to produce and market a product, why not pay someone to do the ads for you as well? As soon as I registered on the site they already had a “recommended for you” section, I have no idea how they knew me before!

heated glove wish.com ad
Heated by your own body temperature… just like any other gloves. But hey these come with a touchscreen which is pretty handy and water just jumps off.
ear gold wish.com ad
Be careful when pulling gold out of your ear around people. Someone might dig a mine in the side of your head!
outdoor shoe wish.com ad
Oh finally, I can change shoes and go outdoors for once. I’m sick of these Indoor shoes. Color is optional but I’ll stick with the transparent ones if they’re cheaper.
password bag
Ha ha, the joke’s on you whoever stole my bag with my dirty jeans and shirt. It has a password!
fridge in the car wish.com ad
12000W or 6000W? 6000W? ok that’s still good, now if I can only fit my fridge, microwave oven, stove, heater and PC into my Porsche I’m all set and i can sell the house.
widow phone wish.com ad
Compatible with smartphones that have lost their husband but for old times sake they show the phones being together … forever!
magic trick
You can finally do that magic trick you always wanted to show your friends. Walking on glass is not hardcore enough.
anti lost
Does “anti-lost” mean I found it already? Or it follows me around if I forget it on a bench, I’m confused. At least the software on it is social. My current watch is an introvert, spends a lot of time alone in a drawer.
wonderful view wish.com ad
Warning! The “wonderful view” result depends on which neighbours window you’re flying around and at what time.
headless mode wish.com
If you want to achieve “full headless” mode get the drone with the steel propellers and the petrol engine. The remote part makes .. perfect sense.

Handpicked and opinionated by yours truly! The wish.com ad section.

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